View life through my lens

View life through my lensView life through my lensView life through my lens

Everyone is beautiful. There really isn't such a thing as someone being more beautiful nor having more to offer. We are meant to look the way we do for a reason and we should celebrate it everyday.


Everyone has a story. I want to be able to capture that story and help my clients share it with the world. 


My goal is to capture you the way you want the world to view you. I want you leaving the shoot happy and confident.

About yASMINE kateb


Yasmine Kateb is a renowned fashion photographer who believes that everyone is gifted with their own way of displaying beauty and she wants to capture that. She emphasizes this by constantly striving to bring out the aesthetic element in all of her subjects. Apart from being a photographer, she has relatively interesting background in modeling. This makes her love working with all models and talents, helping them improve their portfolios with the right images that are likely to help market them. With 10+ years of experience in the industry, she has managed to create a platform that allows her subjects to feel at their best during photo shoots resulting in the images they want captured. Yasmine always strives to make the best first impression and help as many people as she can, which is why she not only photographs models and talents, but also weddings, venues, events, products, and movie sets. With painting being her first love, she contributes it towards her lighting skills which gives her work a distinguished aesthetic. Her photographs can be seen on billboards roaming the streets of LA. All publications can be viewed in "Tear sheet" in Gallery section. Yasmine currently resides in Los Angeles, but travels frequently with her camera Cami.


"Motion in Still" Gallery Exhibit

Yasmine Kateb, and her creation "Motion in Still" brings a powerful portrayal of human emotion. In this day in age, we live in a fast pace, instant gratification society. The liberation lives in the truth that exists in the moment. As we unraveled the emotions tied to this particular freedom, we discover the importance of staying still. Yasmine depicts the motion of our self absorbed society and challenges the norms of beauty with this through provoking display of the silent thoughts that women speak universally everyday. Motion in Still congrats the balance of existing as one and finding our truth within all the noise. 


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